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Among the Fikra Plumbing services, expense was the process that saw the most interest. As simple as the expense opening process may seem, it has started to be among the works performed by professional teams in this field. It is no longer functional for the expense-opening process to come to the conclusion that I can solve my own problem.

Thanks to the equipment used by the expert teams with the developing technology can be done without breaking the expense opening process.

Considering how troublesome the process of opening the clogged expense would be the most accurate decision to be applied to professional teams ... Fikra Plumbing has created a customer base behind by applying low cost of installation service offered and has become a company that continues to fold references in this direction. You will also understand how much you made the right decision in terms of cost and work, and the idea of ​​facing this problem again will come to mind.

Fikra Plumbing generally uses waste water cameras and crusher equipment in the blockage opening service. Waste water cameras can be sent to the expenses and can determine the exact location of the object causing the expense congestion. Thus, the expense opening method is determined for the exact location of the object and object. Since the object is usually ground and can be opened without damage, a new technology is used among our equipment. This equipment, which is a rotating head device, is used for spot-fixing plastics and so on. Thanks to the rotating head of the object that causes congestion, it will be offered to you the service of opening the object by grinding the object without any breaking or renewal work ...

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