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Fikra Plumbing is a well-established company in the field of water leak detection in the field of installation until 1999. We know that the preferred device and vehicle technology for water leak detection is developing day by day. Fikra Plumbing, Water leakage detection, the devices used for water leakage detection and other inventories do not apply any breaking process for the detection.

Fikra Plumbing examines the location of water leakage with our high-tech devices and has made a point determination and will provide a definite solution ... With this process, there is no destruction or breaking process in your work places in your home.

Fikra Plumbing uses a listening device, sewage camera and heat cameras for water leak detection. Due to the high price of these devices, companies that provide expert personnel in their field supply these devices. We save you from a great deal of trouble ...

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