Residential Plumbing

Water Plumbing

Fikra Tesisat sends you the expert plumber with its young staff who are specialized in plumbing service. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the Water System is of great importance for your health.

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Clogged Expenses

Fikra Plumber opens a wide range of equipment without breaking your clogged expenses. Thanks to the services provided by our professional teams, many satisfied customers are among our references.

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Toilet Clogging

One of the problems we face in our lives is the process of opening a toilet blockage. We may have tried to open the toilet expense by observing from time to time.

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Water Leak Detection

The devices we use for water leak detection do not apply any breaking process for the detection. With the high technology devices used, spot detection is made and the location is determined exactly.

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Pipes and Sweres

Fikra plumber offers sewage congestion and all other congestion and expense opening plumber services.

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Wastewater and rainwater accumulated in the settlements should be disposed of without affecting the environment and human health.

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commercial Plumbing

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Commercial Plumbing Services Coming Soon...

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